Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have some questions about MTBlogger? Below you can find some helpful information to help you understand what we're all about.

What is MTGBlogger?

I'm just like you. I'm a big fan of Magic: The Gathering, and want to share my experiences playing this great game. I'm always happy to offer advice to everyone looking to improve any advice I can with regards to Magic. I started streaming Magic: The Gathering in 2014, and took a break from the streaming life in 2017.

Now in 2019, Wizards of the Coast has produced a product called MTG Arena, and this is a great place to introduce more Players into the game and engage with people in a fun and entertaining new way. Through this new digital medium, we can continue our journey into Magic and produce more content for everyone to enjoy.

Where can I find out more about MTGBlogger?

Everywhere! We stream content on (, post articles here on, Upload videos to YouTube and post content on Instagram.

How do I get in contact with you?

The best place to reach us at MTGBlogger is by sending us a message on Facebook, or directly during our streams on