MTGBlogger returns

MTGBlogger returns.

May 2nd, 2018 was previously the last time I streamed MTG content on The world has changed. The times have changed, and the rules of streaming have changed significantly since we last saw each other.

One question I’m sure someone will ask me is “What have you been up to Blogger!?”. I know I’ll answer this question repeatedly as our time on and off stream passes by, but I know you are truly interested in the answer, so it’s my pleasure to answer. I’ve been living my life, learning new skills enjoying the people in my life and growing as a person. The old saying goes something like ” If you love something set it free, and if it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was. “

This is MTG. I can’t just play MTG anymore without considering streaming it, blogging about it or vlogging it. Playing the game is fun, but sharing the experience with you is even better. Something my inner-circle of MTG friends all agree on is, MTG is a great game, but it’s the people that really make the experiences worthwhile. Sitting around a table grabbing dinner after a weekend tournament, talking about the plays-of-the-day is great and all, but it’s nothing compared to who you’re talking with and the memories we make along the way. Personal stuff right?

Let’s rewind the clocks back even further to June 2nd, 2016. Almost 3 years ago, was the last real stream we had, it was Standard. 3 years ago I remember striving to produce content that was pixel-perfect, audio sounding so damn good, lighting not too imbalanced and background noise to an absolute minimum. To get all of this correct, it’s almost like I was living alone, when in-fact I wasn’t. I am a family man and I had to create an environment that would be stream-friendly. To get this production to the levels we enjoyed, it required more than just myself, it required all hands on deck to control life totals, change scenes as well as sponsors to give-away free products to our audience. There is a cost to success and this cost is my family and 3 years ago, streaming felt like a 2nd job that took me away from it and other things in my life that needed attention. I wasn’t giving these things the attention they deserve.

Getting personal for a moment, if you want to know if your in a stable relationship, Magic: The Gathering is a great way to test it! Just tell your significant other that you will be unavailable for 6/7 days out of the week for about 3 years and see how you do. I am still in the same relationship with a person that is extremely understanding and beyond reasonable. To be successful, I believe you need an amazing team of people behind you. I didn’t know how to balance my personal life and work life properly. 3 years ago, I was working 5 days a week while playing in Magic events 3 times, streaming 4 days a week and also writing an article for once per week. Working to maintain all of these services, mostly alone for 3 & 1/2 years under these conditions would ultimately mean that something would have to give and eventually, that something would be producing content under the MTGBlogger brand. Near the end of 2016 I had so much help from close friends, it made live streaming so much easier on me because I had a team helping me. All I had to do was update a few stream elements, turn on our streaming service and connect with you – so it was very easy! It’s hard to imagine that the extra curricular elements to streaming, video editing, mailing out prizes and writing didn’t feel like work for such a long time, but it’s true, I really enjoy sharing content with you & for you.

What has changed and why is now the time to get back into Magic and producing content with MTGBlogger again? Lots of things. Twitch has made it more accessible for viewers to subscribe to their favorite streamers, and WotC has produced a product that doesn’t feel like something out of the 90s! MTG Arena is a great place to play the latest Magic and provide content in a way that is new and exciting. I will leverage these new tools to make an effort to be available for you and my family at the same time. Now, with MTG Arena I don’t have to attend these 3 weekly events anymore to get inspiration to write the article for the week or the next upcoming video on our YouTube channel. I can be home and achieve these things, which is extremely convenient. The technology just wasn’t there and neither was the prize support. Attending multiple events is surprisingly costly when you’re trying to clout farm and establish yourself in the MTG community, but I am excited to plant my feet and work towards the next goal of streaming quality MTG content again. So, whose with me?

JRec (MTG Arena)

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